Over the years, the Tamil movie industry has developed many top stars and movies that have been etched in the heart of the viewers. If you are a big fan of cops and like watching movies based on their lives, you can choose to watch the latest Tamil action/thriller movie, Trigger.

Trigger is one of the latest  Tamil movies  directed by Sam Anton and starring AtharvaaMurali in the lead role. It is one of the many Tamil movies streamed on reputed OTT sites where you can watch these movies online. In this blog, you will learn some important things about the Tamil thriller movie, Trigger.

Cast of the Movie 

Trigger is one of the latest Tamil movies and is directed by Sam Anton. The cast of the Tamil movie includes AtharvaaMurali, Tanya Ravichandran, Seetha, Arun Pandian and many more. The movie is based on the life of an undercover cop who is part of nabbing a serious child racket operation in Chennai.

The Story of Trigger 

Trigger can be considered one of the best Tamil movies today, and the movie’s story begins with an attack on the police commissioner’s office. You witness various scenes in this movie, including rescue scenes, fight scenes and hospital scenes that will hold on to your attention. Prabha is the character of an undercover cop played by Atharvaa, and he is seen punished as he loses his gun while chasing a gang of criminals.

Soon he becomes part of an undercover team looking to rescue children who are being kidnapped in Chennai by a group of criminals. Watch the movie to learn if Prabha can rescue those children and what happens during the search operation.

Why Do Action Movies Like Trigger Become So Popular?

There are many reasons why action movies like Trigger become popular; some of the reasons are as follows:

There are many thrilling action scenes in such movies that keep people engaged.

The actors in the movie usually play their roles well to ensure they deliver justice to it.

People like action movies as the action scenes are highly entertaining and provide people with needed stress-relieves.

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