Jake went through some powerful instances throughout the last season of the show, particularly with being charged with Clarke’s murder. Tinny, a constable presently, needed to make a tough selection to commit to working or assist a family member who needed her at that second. Leslie, who labored as a constable, had to take on some undercover work which led to her disappearance. Jake, who right now was in a relationship with Leslie, was ready to threaten all of it to save lots of her. While the  had an onandoff relationship all through the show, their bond at all times stayed strong by way of all of it. What did the kidnapper do to him while in his management Fortunately, Jake made it out alive and turned it throughout to place his kidnapper away.

Jake and his exwife Nikki divorced near the show’s start when Jake began to take an interest in Leslie. Jake was in Mexico and had plenty of trouble originally in season five. Throughout the series, Jake has needed to endure many things. Bees should hate those pretend things! Des appeared to have died after being shot following his and Tinny’s kidnapping. Did you know that Des’ father is a criminal If you happen to watch the subsequent season, then you’ll see that he made it out car barn alive, despite being fatally wounded. Sloan wasn’t in a very good place earlier than coming across the Doyles, an orphan who lost her mom and had no parental figure after this.

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