Add this to contrast the colour saree to look beautiful. This designer gold-plated Kundan Jhumki will also add elegance to the entire look. Has the look of Reja but no hallmark as such. They come with gorgeous jhumkis which can be worn by itself for a more casual look. Special treat bags are inexpensive to make, and you can whip them up in no time flat. Here we have two different kinds, so you can make one or the other, or you can mix it up and make both. Step 1: Cut two 6-inch squares and two 3X6-inch rectangles from orange felt. Pin and sew black 3X6-inch rectangle to bottom to create bag. Sew other 6-inch square to other side of 3X6-inch rectangles.

It is designed to slide inside and hook, or lock, around a decorative encasing on the other side of the jewelry piece. In Bali, mens jewelry integrated the cross, the sign of freedom, and Ongkara symbol for oneness and spirituality. Designed for those antique necklace set with an endlessly inquisitive mind, this 1928 Jewelry magnifying glass necklace boasts a functional look with vintage style. The antique silver necklace is oxidised silver necklace that has the full matte silver finish that is so popular today that it has given the craftsmen massive room to bring out their best in their talent. Necklace Type Pendant Necklaces. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you discover which types of necklaces most appeal to you, such as ultra-feminine Victorian pendant-inclusion options or artsy Art Deco ones.

All pieces need maintenance over their lifetime, but it’s harder to explain that this piece has already had some wear, and so the customer has to take responsibility for how they are going to wear it. Step 4: To create handles, fold black 8X1-inch pieces in half. Step 3: Place the bag on a piece of scrap paper. Paper treat bags with felt decorations. Halloween party bags made from felt. Delight each guest with a small Halloween bag of treats. Glue and glitter provide the finishing touch for this bag. Step 4: Let dry 10 to 15 minutes before shaking off the excess glitter. Allow to dry thoroughly before using the bag. Using craft glue, create decorative edging at the top of the bag or write “Boo!” on the front.